We design and build complete turnkey plants in the industrial sector for the production and supply of steam, hot water and thermal oil in all pressure and power ranges.

Depending on the customer`s wishes or technical conditions, we use boiler pressure vessels made by renowned German manufacturers. They are equipped with reputable products in accordance with the applicable standards and guidelines, such as DIN EN 12953 and the PED. Country-specific regulations can serve as a basis for export.

We are represented in all sectors, e.g. in companies that focus on food processing, industrial laundries, lime sand brick and aerated concrete plants, and tank truck cleaning facilities.


Hochdruckdampfkessel mit integriertem Economise Leistung 8t/h, 13 bar, Gasfeuerung Monoblock

High-pressure steam boiler with integrated economiser, output 8t/h, 13 bar, gas-fired, monoblock



  Hochdruckdampfkessel 10 t/h 13 bar, Gas-/Ölfeuerung Duoblock





 High-pressure steam boiler 10 t/h 13 bar, gas/oil-fired, duoblock






Rohbau für Doppelflammrohrkessel 2x20 t/h, 19 bar, Doppel-Gasfeuerung Monoblock, mit Economiser, Kondensator



Shell of a double-flue boiler 2 x 20 t/h, 19 bar, double gas-fired, monoblock, with economiser, capacitor Flue gas condenser


Reindampferzeuger 700 kg/h, 3 bar Dampfdruckregelabweichung kleiner 0,1 bar






Pure steam generator 700 kg/h,
3 bar steam pressure control deviation less than 0.1 bar

Insertion of an 8 t/h steam boiler through a small roof opening

Einbringen eines 8t/h Dampfkessel durch eine (kleine) DachöffnungEinbringen eines 8t/h Dampfkessel durch eine (kleine) DachöffnungEinbringen eines 8t/h Dampfkessel durch eine (kleine) Dachöffnung




Separates Kesselhaus mit Rohrbrücke und externen Speisewasserbehälter

Separate boiler house with pipe bridge and
external feed water tank





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